Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Head over heels for bus no 45!!!

You hear it right - Bus number 45 makes me skip a heartbeat!

You’d think I am crazy. But I am in awe of a local bus in Glasgow. It ain’t a gorgeous guy or a super expensive designer bag but a normal public bus that has got me going ga ga!

I have no qualms about admitting that I have (over the last year) developed a close bond with bus number 45. It’s a connection, not many… infact, not anyone can ever understand. It has been a topic of discussion at numerous gatherings, with most people laughing or ridiculing the thought. But that hasn’t stopped me from continuing to admire bus no 45.

I was first introduced to bus no 45 when I was selected to work for British Gas as a Customer Service Advisor. This bus picked me just a few minutes from home and dropped me right in front of the office. And if I missed this bus, the journey to work meant catching two different buses and long walks in the cold. Well, this is partly why this bus became such an important part of my stay in Glasgow.

There are innumerable times when I've refused to get on another bus even if it meant getting late for work or having to wait in the cold for longer.

There've also been cases when I had to watch bus no 45 pass me by, even before I reached the bus stop or while I stood at the bus stop lost in my thoughts (this is one of those rare moments when I can space out!). And at such times, I would run and chase it down! Yes, even if it meant running from one bus stop to another or chasing it down in another bus, I work out detail stratergies so that I can to get on bus no 45. Most of the times my stratergies have worked, but the times when it didn't, I was left in a bad mood!

So there aren't any adequate words that can express my special bond with this bus. And how much I miss this bus, now that I am away in a different country.

But for taking me on all those rides through Glasgow, bus no 45 will always hold a special place in my heart!

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